• The MyQ Difference!

    Nootropics are an incredibly fascinating area of health and supplementation. We are still barely scratching the surface about what we know when it comes to short and long term brain health.

    The combination of those two factors have made shopping for nootropics and brain health products incredibly tricky! There may be some ingredients that "work" in the short term, but are counterproductive when it comes to long term benefits.

    I formulated MyQ in a way that focuses on a few key factors:


    1. Use the highest quality ingredients: Now I get it, everyone claims that. Why would we say anything else? When it comes to MyQ I focused on the forms of vitamins that the body absorbs best (ex: methyl-folate, methyl B12 etc.) so we can max out the way the body uses these. You've probably heard people criticize supplements and call them "expensive urine". One reason that may be true is brands use forms of ingredients that the body doesn't absorb well.

    2. Use Ingredients Backed by Science: When it comes to long term health and protection, there is still much to learn. There aren't many tried and true ingredients. With MyQ I focused my attention on ingredients that are proven to work safely and effectively and have extensive research behind them to support this.

    3. Use ingredients that have true SYNERGY: Brands often use this word to make it seem like they know some super science no one else is aware of. It's often a marketing tactic to under-dose ingredients and cheap out. If you look at our formula, there's studies of ingredients that actually improve each other! For example Quercetin and Resveratrol are two ingredients proven to help when used together.

    4. Use ingredients that are safe to take with other products: When it comes to brain health and brain chemistry, ingredients can have incredible impacts on each other without us realizing it. Much of my research in formulating this product was making sure there were no negatives depending on what else people take during their days. 

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